Full Service from R 2000 p/m

We have several wooden stables with chained gates available. The stables are for individual horses only. The owner and 4 grooms live on the premises and monitor the horses during the night. Rugging is done during the colder nights. Enquire about blankets with Glodein. Horses are put into individual paddocks during the day. Feeding is twice per day, unless you request a specific diet. Camps are cleaned once per week.

We have a sick bay that we can see from the main house if we need to watch a horse overnight. Wash bay is available for your use, but due to drought restrictions you are not allowed to wash using the hose provided.

Regular Dental, Vet and Farrier visits are communicated to you via Whatsapp.


Individual wooden stables.

Wash Bay

Equipped with hoof picks, shampoo, brushes, combs, hose and shared bridles.


Spacious individual paddocks. We can fit custom gates and shadecloth on request. Max of 2 horses in a camp if you want to share

DIY Stabling

From R 1000/month

The DIY option is becoming more popular and we offer the same stabling and camps to our DIY clients.

The biggest difference in a DIY situation is that you will be doing the feeding and grooming of your horses yourself. We are still available to give advice on feed and will buy feed on your behalf if you arrange with us beforehand. You can store the feed in our feed rooms.


Can be stored in our facilities.

Tack Room

Access to the tack room.


Variety of lunge rings available