Mountain View Horse Trails is a farm of people passionate about animals, particularly horses.  The majority of our trail horses are rescued from really bad situations, and rehabilitated with a lot of love and attention.  Glodien, the owner, works 24/7 to ensure that all the animals are safe, happy and healthy.

Our horse riding services

We offer riding lessons and independent outrides, through gorgeous farmlands and up the hill to the most phenomenal views

Mountain View Horse Trails has a number of horses and ponies available for full or half lease. All of these horses and ponies really need a human of their own, to give them love and attention.

Meet the herd


Valentine was originally rescued from Grayton, and was severely starved at the time. Over the years, she has become one of our most reliable, grand old ladies of our trails. As a younger horse, she has done commandos, and was the drag horse for hunts. She has an amazing, calm temperament, and loves outrides.  She is really good with children


Amy came to us in 2015 from another rescue farm that was closing. She is soft natured, is easy to ride, and has an incredibly soft canter. Most people who ride Amy fall in love with her.


Apache, paint horse

Apache is a paint horse that came to us in 2016. He is a good natured slightly stubborn man. A nice ride for beginners and experienced riders. He likes his canter and is very fast.


Storm is a calm tan gelding that joined us at the same time as Apache. Seldom up for a run, Storm is best suited for a beginner.

He is joined at the hip to Apache and hates to be left behind, often calling out if Apache goes on a trail without him.


Dancer was born on the farm, and is the daughter of one of our grand old dames, Pumpkin. She is very calm and well schooled, and has done both trail riding and jumping.


Pumpkin is one of our veteran horses.  She is a very strong horse, especially for a “grandma” – her grand-daughter, Calypso, was born on the 2 June 2016.  Unfortunately, her previous owners were terrible, and hacked one of her eyes out with a machete. In spite of this, she is loving and careful with riders.  Her only draw-back is that she kicks, so she needs to walk at the back of the ride.


Sweetheart is one of our movie-star horses – she has starred in a number of different movies.  She is small and lazy, and is suitable for children. She loves to amble along the paths and eats grass at every chance she gets.


Pedro belongs to Glodien’s son, Jesse.  He is a small pony, but is incredibly strong and unbelievably fast.  He insists on walking at the front of any outride, and gets annoyed if his rider tries to hold him back.  He is more suitable for an experienced rider.


Skemer is a huge black carriage horse.  He is used on outrides, and also is one of two horses used to pull our carriage.  When he walks, he picks up his legs proudly, and when he canters it sounds like a thousand horses cantering, but he has a lovely nature, and is easy to handle.  He looks intimidating, but is really a big softie.